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There are so many great ideas out there to market and advertise your business and brand and outdoor advertising mediums are a fantastic way to express your brand message. Whether it’s a large bold influential statement or a smaller more subtle message, using outdoor platforms brings your message to the people where it can get the best exposure.

So what’s the best method to convey your individual message?

Take a walk through this list and see if there’s a right fit for your brand.

Printed Banner Mesh and Shade Cloth

Printed Banner Mesh and Shade Cloth are the ideal way to spread a broad message. Utilising logos and contact details, this form of advertising is generally a short to medium term usage and is often times used in conjunction with construction or work sites. This form of advertising is very popular with developers, builders and for use at events and can be seen everywhere. Printed banner mesh is used to make barrier signs ideal for any event and are extremely effective as well.

Printed Banner Mesh

  • Generally size is made to order
  • Reinforced welded edges and riveted eyelets
  • Tight weave
  • Designed for re-use

Printed Shade Cloth

  • Designed for long runs, up to 50 meters
  • Ideal for larger scale construction/ building sites
  • Weathers well for medium term use
  • More economical option

A-Frame Sandwich Board Corflute Signs

A-Frame Corflute signage is ideal for shop-front advertising within shopping precincts and main streets. A compact and mobile advertising medium, these sorts of signs are perfect for short term promotional advertising but can easily be used as a long term advertising solution.

Building Wraps and Billboards

There is no grander way to convey your brand message than through the use of Building Wraps and Billboards. Immense and awe inspiring, advertising of this magnitude is designed to overtake, overwhelm and excite the target audience until they are compelled to follow the brand.

Building Wraps

  • Generally larger and ideal for large placement high end brand recognition
  • Designed for high visibility


  • Generally a standard size and placement is high over motorways and street scapes for maximum exposure
  • Ideal for medium to long term advertising

Transit Stop Advertising

Transit Stop advertising is probably one of the widest spread outdoor advertising medium used. An extensive opportunity for wide spread visibility to a huge variety of audiences is available when using this type of advertising as this is seen by commuters, other road users, joggers, dog walkers, anyone and everyone really!

Moving Advertising

Moving advertising comes in a few different forms, whether it’s public transport, i.e. trains, buses, trams or planes, or taxis it has a further reach then almost another outdoor advertising channel.  A constantly moving, diverse tool, a vehicle that features advertising is effectively a mobile billboard and perfect for long term advertising.

Mounted Flags

Mounted flags are a dynamic way of advertising current events, sales and conveying your chosen messages in a more personal fashion. Although this form is normally physically placed close to the business centre, i.e. Museums, Theatres and Art Galleries use flags to promote exhibitions and shows, it is still a very effective form of broader outdoor advertising as the flags are still designed to be highly mounted and visible.

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signage is an iconic brand awareness tool that delivers a specific message. Shop fronts use Illuminated signs to promote their logo and name within their close environment, these kinds of signage can create a warm and comforting feeling, especially in the evening when people are heading out to dinner or for some late night shopping. The logos become trusted for their availability.

Free Form Murals

Free Form Artwork Murals or Legal Graffiti has emerged as a valid and forward thinking from of signage recently. The art form transcends industry and age and can be a very appealing from of advertising to a diverse audience. The increasingly popular youth culture surrounding music and body art has seen a strong following for Free Form Murals and Legal Graffiti and with artists of the likes of Banksy being commissioned to create artworks all over the world this is becoming a valid and popular form of outdoor advertising.

Walking Advertising

Possibly the cheapest and easiest form of outdoor advertising is Walking Adverts, t-shirts, jackets, hats and all sorts of articles of clothing branded with company logos, artwork and products wandering around giving notification of who they are. Celebrities, sports people, socialites and personalities alike are commissioned to wear branding, i.e. sports people walk down the street everyday wearing their sponsored brands! We trust tradesman that advertise their services on their work attire because it gives us a sense of security.

Outdoor advertising can be in a huge form or a relatively small one but there are so many ways to get your brand message across. For successfully pitching your brand to the public, you need cost-effective brand exposure that can leave a positive and long-lasting impact on your target audience. Learn more about our printed product range now or feel free to give our expert team a call on 1300 323 322 today.