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Making the decision to use Printed Shade Cloth to advertise on your next construction site or at your next event requires a little education on the terminology and lingo. Below we’ve put together the perfect guide for terms used in the signage industry.

Printed Shade Cloth

Printed Shade Cloth is knitted mesh made using a heavy duty Monofilament Thread of UV Protected High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and printed using high-quality UV protected inks. It’s a commonly used banner product that is budget friendly and versatile to use. Printed Shade Cloth comes in a variety of heights, and because it is originally in roll form, you can easily define your own size for your signage. This provides you with a wide reach and allows you to be able to customise your printed shade cloth banner to fit almost any area – chain wire fences, temp fences, scaffolds, ad even building facades.

Printed Shade Cloth has a variety of uses; it’s eco-friendly, reduces the risk of sediment and dust flowing out of construction sites and has around 70% sun blockage, which makes it a great shade option at events.

Shade cloth is printed digitally, which guarantees consistent printing of your design. You can be sure that what you see on your file that you submit to your printer is what you will get on your end product. Your Printed Shade Cloth supplier should also be printing your design with high-quality UV resistant ink, which will provide you with a print that is long lasting.

Your supplier will also supply your Printed Shade cloth with button holes so that you can easily attach to fencing and other frames with cable ties or Jambro fasteners, the latter being a high tensile clip that is easily attached with a Jambro gun.

Other options

Depending on your requirements, there are other alternatives to Printed Shade Cloth:

Printed Banner Mesh rolls and Banners

Printed Banner Mesh is a slightly more premium fabric than Printed Shade Cloth, however, it does not provide the same permeable result as printed shade cloth. It is mostly used in the construction industry for temporary fencing signage and also comes in large rolls, allowing you to customize the size of your banner.

Printed Banner Mesh comes in three different varieties: Economy Mesh, Banner Mesh-Light and Premium Banner Mesh. They each have their own features in terms of density, environmental condition suitability, print quality and cost; therefore it’s best to speak with your provider to determine your own requirements. Like Printed Shade Cloth, your finished product will have button holes to allow you to easily fix the Banner Mesh to your fencing or another frame. It is also finished with reinforced welded edges to avoid tearing.

Printed Front Lit Vinyl

Front Lit Vinyl is an everyday option for outdoor banners but can it also be used for indoor use. Unlike Printed Shade Cloth, the print will fade easily and depend on exposure, wear and tear of the print will show much earlier. When folded the product will also crease, unlike Printed Shade Cloth.

Printed Corflute

Printed Corflute is a great lightweight option that is durable and weatherproof, but unlike Printed Shade Cloth, it is limited in size and flexibility. This product is an even cheaper option than the others but due to its size limitability it is best suited as a simple signage option.

Why should I use Printed Shade Cloth?

Printed Shade Cloth is the best option if you are looking for a cost effective yet professional way to advertise over a large area; be it promoting your business on a construction site or advertising at an event. It also multifunctional as besides advertising, it conveniently provides the area in which are advertising with UV block out and debris control.

If you need further help when it comes to printed shade cloth, feel free to contact our friendly team online today.