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These days when it comes to outdoor advertising there’s a heck of a lot of material options. It can be confusing to know which is the best option for you. From corflute to vinyl to banner mesh and shade cloth, we take a look at the options and help you narrow down the best material for the right job.


A great option if you require something extremely light weight but tough affordable. Corflute is made from corrugated polypropylene sheet and is able to be molded to any shape or contour. Although it wears well in tough weather conditions, it is best suited for temporary signs and is commonly used for safety signs on construction sites.

Due to its lightweight temporary nature, corflute is also used for events with a popup nature and by real estate agents as a cost effective marketing tool.


Vinyl (commonly called PVC) is another good lightweight and portable option for outdoor advertising. Banners can be customized in size and weight to suit your situation and are reusable. Vinyl is a great option for a small business wanting to invest in a smart sign for events and promotions.

Banners are printed with UV protected ink and usually come with stainless steel eyelets and welded edges for easy mounting. Vinyl is also a great option if you need to cover a surface that is not flat as it can easily wrap around it.

Printed shade cloth

Printed shade cloth is another cost effective option for outdoor advertising. It can cover large widths and usually comes around 1.8 metres high. It is lightweight, semi-transparent and easily attaches to fences and other outdoor structures. It is commonly used in the construction industry, as it is UV stabalised and has 30% air passage, which helps in maintaining onsite debris and sediment – a legal requirement in the building industry.

Banner Mesh

Banner Mesh is a high quality, stronger and more durable alternative for outdoor advertising. It’s a great option for covering large spaces and can be printed as high as 5 metres and 50 metres long without joins. It has the presence of hundreds of little holes that make it totally breathable but also makes it the best material for wind resistance.

Like printed shade cloth it is a great option for construction sites but it is your premium option as it is less opaque and therefore provides a more visually superior finish.

In closing, corflute is a great option if you are after something temporary, transportable and affordable. If you’re after something more visually superior to cover a large area that is still reasonably affordable, then vinyl will do the trick. If you have a construction site that requires large advertising and wind security, then go for printed shade cloth or banner mesh. If wind is a really big deal and you want a visually stunning print, banner mesh is your product.

For more information on types of materials for your signs and how to get custom prints on these, contact Print My Fence online today.