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Printed Banner Mesh is our highest quality and most popular printed mesh product. It is less opaque when compared to printed shade cloth therefore visually superior when printed on. The high quality print is great at catching the eye of passing traffic, and perfect for use on large building sites as it breathes and permits airflow.

If you’re considering banner mesh for your specific needs, business or otherwise, but are not sure whether your needed print can be ideally paired with this material type, then you’ll be glad to know that it accommodates almost every kind of project or printing type that you may need.

Companies have to have banner mesh by legislation. Instead of having plain banner mesh wrapped around your site, why not have custom printed banner mesh, this will improve:

  • Introduce or reinforce brand awareness
  • Present your advertising consistently and professionally
  • Maintains on site erosion and sediment control
  • Maintains OH&S requirements for scaffold and temporary fence wraps

Below are some of the things that you can print on custom printed banner mesh:

Advertising Graphics and Texts

Whether it’s a plain statement about your company or graphics showing an advertisement, you can rely on the said material to accommodate that. If you are converting an area to a commercial centre, for instance, you can employ this as temporary fencing to cover the area while it is being fixed, all while advertising your new establishment.


Because of its ideal use outdoors, you can place this outside of your company building or construction sites with the logo of your company. Unlike other materials, you won’t have any problem with wind causing damage on the printed mesh banner because it’s designed to withstand such.

Double-Sided Prints

You may not believe that, but a printed mesh banner can actually accommodate prints on both sides. So, if you have needs that require the use of images on a material side by side, then you can also go for this one. You get double benefits plus total durability.

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We have three different grades of banner mesh and each serves its own purpose:

Economy Mesh

  • Suitable for use in high wind areas
  • Available as a full print or part print on white
  • 6m high by 50m rolls
  • Comes as a standard with button holes and welded edges
  • Can be printed up to 5m high

Banner Mesh Lite

  • Available as full colour print, end-to-end, top to bottom or part print on white
  • 8m x 50m roll
  • Welded edges and eyelets included to easily attach to your fence
  • Great for privacy yet still breathes and permits airflow

Premium Banner Mesh

  • Available as a full print or part print on white.
  • 8m x 50m or 1.6 x 50m roll.
  • Custom sized banners also available in the banner mesh.
  • Visually superior print quality.
  • Welded edges and eyelets included to easily attach to your fence.
  • Great for privacy yet still breathes and permits airflow.

If you are unsure about what you require our experts are just a call away.

We can help you make the right decisions, meet your requirements and help you stay within budget. Just give us a call on 1300 119 998.