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There are many benefits to having a mesh wrap around your construction site; hiding an untidy and unfinished work site from the public is the first benefit that comes to mind. Although it’s ultimately unavoidable, an unruly worksite situated in a well-kept public area can reflect badly on your company’s professionalism.

Another, often underused, benefit of using a building site wrap is the limitless advertising opportunities it offers; construction businesses should never underestimate the importance of brand presence on their sites.

Below we highlight five reasons you should be advertising on your building site wrap:

Cost effective advertising

A mesh building site wrap is like having access to free billboards. Do you know how much the average billboard costs in an high traffic area, in an Australian city? Depending on size you’re looking at anywhere between $3000 and $65,000 per month. So basically your building site wrap is giving you an opportunity that most business pay top dollar for.

Lead Generation

Have you ever stopped to think how much vehicle and pedestrian traffic is passing by your site on a daily basis? Depending on your location this could run into the thousands. That’s thousands of potential customers who don’t know about your company. Advertising on your mesh wrap gives your company instant, high impact advertising at the fraction of the cost of billboard advertising, and in turn will generate leads.

Show off your work

Thanks to today’s ever advancing technology, digital printing has come a long way. It’s a cheap option to show off your amazing folio with bright and detailed high-resolution imagery. Create eye-catching imagery of your work that people can’t help but look, at or even better, create a visionary piece of what the site is to become. After all bigger is better.

Small business, big opportunity

Perhaps you are a small business with a small marketing budget. By advertising on your building site mesh wrap, you’re giving your business an opportunity to compete with the big guys. Here you have an opportunity to make your company appear larger than life in the public arena, to show potential customers what makes your service significantly better than that offered by your competitors. Perception is half the battle if you can convince potential customers that you’re the best option for them then you’re halfway there to fortifying a reputable business.

Sell your own advertising space

With all this extra advertising space, your construction site can become an advertising site for all of you other business partners, for product announcements or promotions. With this opportunity comes the possibility of extra income.

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